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December 8 - Schott Music Advent Calendar

Alexander Werner is chief editor at the German journal  'Standpunkte mit Chrismon plus'. He published various articles and reviews about classical music in various journals. Recently, his book about the famous conductor Carlos Kleiber has been released.

Alexander Werner

Question: When do you start shopping for Christmas presents?
Christmas shopping is stressful, especially with a woman by your side. This is why I tend to go shopping at the last minute.

Question:My favourite Christmas carol is
'Happy Christmas' by John Lennon

Question: What are the highlights of your Christmas wish list?
Useful computer programs, film classics and books

Do you remember a disappointing Christmas present?
As a child, the socks and other pieces of clothing from my godmother.

Question: What are your resolutions for the New Year? Is there perhaps a resolution that you always make but never keep?
Write a lot; if possible, a new book. Eventually develop more discipline in all aspects of life.